SongSam’s SNS Platform Marketing

Customers only pay 1.5% commission after selling products through our SNS platform.





    1.This service is only applicable when the customer’s product is located in China. Not applicable to customer products located outside of China.

    2.Customers must use our logistics services to use this business. We will provide the best price and best quality service. The most important thing is that

    *all losses due to transportation problems shall be borne by us*


    Q1:What is your commission standard?
    A: only have 1.5%.
    Q2:Can I just send pictures or videos to you, you can use your alliance?
    A:sorry, we can’t. Because I must personally use the samples and get a real feeling before they can promote it on our SNS platform..
    Q3:What if a customer who has placed an order returns the order before delivery?
    A:If the order user applies for a refund before you ship the goods, then we will not charge the commission for this order. If charged in advance, we will return it to you.
    Q4:When should I pay the commission?
    After we ship the product and provide the customer with the tracking number, the customer must pay us a commission within one week.

    For more questions not listed, you can consult us



    重量 1 kg
    尺寸 122 × 121 × 451 cm