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    Our customers can buy Chinese products on the following websites and then hand them to us for Dropshipping:

    1., This is the largest B2C website in China. Almost all Chinese brands sell their latest products here. Here you can see many novel and interesting products, and their quality is very good.
    2., Most of the sellers on this website are Chinese factories, and the rest are traders. They are the source of goods for Aliexpress, Alibaba, Wish, EBAY, Dhgate, and even Chinese sellers on Amazon. Therefore, you can see many popular products on cross-border e-commerce websites and their Chinese cost prices here.
    3. Aliexpress:, This is China’s largest cross-border e-commerce platform. Almost all sellers are Chinese. Our customers can find the products they want to sell on their behalf here and tell us.
    4., There are two-ythirds of Chinese sellers. Our customers can choose the products they want to sell on their behalf and tell us. However, there may be one-third of the products on this website that cannot be found in the Chinese wholesale market, and they are likely to need to be customized.
    5. The best way to find some products:,We have selected the best-selling products on the above websites for our customers, and have combined with some factories to provide a lot of products from exclusive sources. They are of good quality, trendy styles, and low cost. Customers are welcome to check regularly and find the products you like.


    Q1:What is the your fee? Do we need to pay for warehousing?
    A:Kindly tell you we offer is total price for items. (Items cost+shipping cost).There is no others fee, we don’t charge for warehousing.
    Q2:Do you offer bulk dropshipping via a CSV file (Excel File) – for a number of products on our store, we currently do too large a volume to place orders 1 by 1.
    A:Yes, some of our customers use google sheet. While we can also use our systerm to connect your store (Shopify or Woocommerce),To make your process quite easily.
    Q3:What the process time for my orders?
    A:If you don’t have stock in our warehouse, we need at least 3 days to source the products before we send out the products from our warehouse to your customers.If you have stock in our warehouse, we can send out the product on one same day.Q4:If I have items from another supplier, can we use your service for dropshipping?
    A:Yes, we can offer FREE stock and offer the dropshipping business. Please contact us,we will offer and send our stock center address.Q5:Can you invoice us for the whole bulk dropshipping order at once via AliPay?
    A:Yes, we can accept T/T and Alipay, Trade Assurance order, Paypal,Bank and Payoneer.Q6:Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity for any of the products you offer?
    A:We have NO MOQ since it is dropshipping. Q7:Can we make our customized package and tag, or LOGO?
    A:Yes, we can make your brand package and tag, and LOGO.

    For more questions not listed, you can consult us




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