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We are a Chinese supplier specializing in providing e-commerce products and marketing services. The company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, and has offices in Yiwu, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, China.

We are to provide e-commerce entrepreneurs all over the world: 1. Production and customization of clothing products; 2. Spot wholesale and Dropshipping of popular e-commerce products; 3. Logistics delivery; 4. Warehousing and product packaging services; 5. Online Marketing promotion services.

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Because we sincerely, faithfully, and work hard for our customers, and we provide the following advantageous items.

 1. Logistics services……Click here to see all the Logistics we offer

We provide high quality international logistics services to all customers who have logistics needs, even if some customers do not order or wholesale goods here.
Customers can send any items ordered from other suppliers in China to our warehouse.

We will provide customers with 180 days of free warehousing service.

When the customer needs to deliver the goods, inform us that we will send the goods through the carrier designated by the customer according to the customer’s requirements. Finally, the carrier’s logistics tracking number is sent to the customer for inquiry.

According to the requirements of customers, we can pack promotional materials, such as cards, QR codes, etc

 2. Gift combination suggestions……Click here to see all the Small Items we offer

We have prepared a lot of cheap, light weight, beautiful and practical small items as gifts of customers’ products to help customers sell more goods.

This service is only provided to our order customers. Each order product of these customers can get 15 small items (not limited to styles). Customers are free to choose the small items suitable for their products and test the sales effect.

If these small items can help you sell more goods or make more profits, customers can order them from us at any time.

 3.SongSam’s SNS Platform Marketing……Click here to see all the products we offer

We will use the product evaluation platform we have on social networks to promote our customers’ products for free.
We will take photos of the products, take videos, write product reviews, and display the purchase links designated by customers, so that consumers can directly find customers to buy.
Customers can also entrust our warehouse in China to deliver the goods directly to the consumers who buy them. We will use the most economical way to deliver the packages to the world.

 4. Social network alliance promotion……Click here to see all the products we offer

We have established an alliance specialized in product recommendation and marketing with online celebrities, network anchors, opinion leaders and e-commerce sellers who have many fans on social networks.

Customers’ products can be quickly released around the world through this alliance, and sales volume can be increased rapidly.

When the customer’s products are sold through the alliance, the corresponding Commission will be paid to the alliance members or us.

Customers can ship goods to consumers who place orders in their own country, or they can send packages to consumers around the world through our warehouses in China.

Note: there are different ways of cooperation and different commission rates. Please consult us for details.

5. Material & Textile & Accessories Offers……Click here to see all the Small Items we offer

We have been engaged in the clothing trade for more than 10 years, and have a good cooperative relationship with many fabric manufacturers, textile factories, and clothing accessories manufacturers, which can achieve low-cost and fast delivery from large-volume orders to small-volume orders.

We can provide a variety of different raw materials for fabric production, customization, printing, dyeing, shrinking and shaping, and can produce clothing fabrics of different grams, different proportions of additives, different widths, and different quantities according to customer requirements.

We can also provide various auxiliary materials related to garment production, such as zippers, interlining, sewing thread, buttons, glue, and printing materials of various materials. We can provide everything related to clothing production.

 6. SongSam’s Products Crowd Funding Activities……Click here to see all the Small Items we offer

This service is aimed at some new potential products, because the sales prospects of these products are uncertain and customers cannot order in large quantities. In order to reduce the cost of customers, we will cooperate with customers from different countries (only one customer can participate in each country) to order these products, reduce the product cost of all customers, and ensure that customers get good profits.

If these products sell well, customers can place separate orders to sell them.

In addition, we will try our best to realize that under one order, we can produce different colors and patterns according to the preferences of consumers in each country.

 7. Dropshipping service……Click here to see the details

We have a wealth of Dropshipping service experience, which can help our customers find the cheapest goods and provide the fastest international logistics. If the customer’s goods are lost, we will be responsible for compensation.
We can use AliExpress and PAYPAL transactions to protect the interests of customer.

 8.Packaging supply……Click here to see all the Products we offer

We provide Logo, label, separate package, combination package, shopping bags.

We provide to the  product order customers packaging materials that meet their requirements and provide the most favorable prices. Complete the installation of all packages before delivery.

We can also provide all kinds of packaging materials for non product order customers, such as shopping bags with customer brands, advertising cards, and all packaging materials needed in the sales process.

Different packaging materials have different minimum order requirements. For details, please contact us.

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